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štvrtok 10. mája 2018

Dj Koze - Pick Up

Propably new hit of summer 2018. Thus “Pick Up”: the second single from knock knock is 100% pure groove, doubly so in the extended 12” version. In a sense it's incredibly familiar – it is essentially a filter disco record, very close to something you could imagine coming out of Paris around the turn of the millennium. But of course, this is Koze. Nothing is normal or familiar in his world, and he's taken this most foundational of clubland staples into new territory. Flipping samples of Gladys Knight & the Pips “Neither One Of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)” and Melba Moore’s “Pick Me Up, I’ll Dance“, it creates something completely airborne, shot through with emotions such as gods must feel: not quite explicable to the human mind but strong enough to knock you off your feet. In its way it's absolutely as powerful as “Seeing Aliens”, but it comes in like the proverbial iron fist in a glove of velvet.

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štvrtok 2. februára 2017

Bones - Black flower

Taken from album Artifacts by psyche-delicious and accessible 21st century Ethiodubjazz band Bones.

BONES music video for BLACK FLOWER from E. on Vimeo.

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pondelok 30. januára 2017

Tigris - Ebola

Tigris is an Afrodelic Power Pop band is deeply influenced by Ethiopian, West African and even Caribbean sounds from the 70's as well as modern pop, electronic and rock music, the band strives to create an original futuristic mood-altering ear candy. Traditional grooves deconstructed and reconstructed with an explosive modern feel, addictive melodies and rich yet succinct harmonies are all wrapped in a psychedelic sound and texture. This song is from older album also named Tigris, and song is unfortunately without music clip, but sound is delicious.

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pondelok 17. októbra 2016

Anohni - Drone Bomb Me

For me best album of this year, Anohni - Hopelessness. Music video for song Drone Bomb Me.

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pondelok 3. októbra 2016

Vessel - Red Sex

Little bit ugly or weird music video, but sound is great. Song is taken from Vessel's latest LP 'Punish, Honey'

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pondelok 5. septembra 2016

Nicola Cruz - Puente Roto

Nicola Cruz's music invokes the landscapes and rituals of his homeland, Ecuador, a country that is home both to the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle. His music is an exploration of ancient mythologies and folkloric traditions in a modern setting. Nicola was born in Limoges, France, to Ecuadorian parents. His upbringing was surrounded by a rich musical education in both indigenous traditions and Western theories and from a young age he took to percussion. Song is from album Prender el Alma' (2015 / ZZK Records).

piatok 3. júna 2016

Mammal Hands - Hourglass

Song taken from Mammal Hands second album Floa released on Gondwana Records. Mammal Hands are a trio of like-minded musicians: Nick Smart (piano), Jesse Barrett (drums and percussion), and Jordan Smart (saxophones). Drawing on influences from Steve Reich to Bonobo and Pharoah Sanders to The Cinematic Orchestra, alongside elements of North Indian and African music, they produce their own beautiful, inimitable music – at times wistful and melancholic and sometimes raucous, catchy and explosive, blending thoughtful compositions with spontaneity and interplay.