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pondelok 30. mája 2011

Hollie Cook - That Very Night

Music video That Very Night by Hollie Cook - very nice reggae song for upcoming summer.

štvrtok 19. mája 2011

Nobody Beats The Drum - The Drum

Funny music video by dutch electronic act Nobody Beats The Drum. Directed by Rogier van der Zwaag.

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streda 18. mája 2011

The Artist - Trailer (2011)

New BW silent movie from French director Michel Hazanavicius, titled The Artist is a totally old fashioned movie that will take us back to 1927! Music ala japan stepjazz.

utorok 17. mája 2011

DJ Cheeba - Revenge of The Nerd (Audio-Visual Mix)

DJ Cheeba's audio visual mix - a quick fire, attention frying, mash of sure fire club hits, stone cold classics, countless acapellas and turntable tricknology, all set to a visual feast of music videos, pop culture cameos, kung fu interludes and cinematic delights. Mixed with incredible flair and imagination, this is another bench mark in contemporary DJ culture. As Cheeba puts it... "It's cut and paste sound and pictures for people with open minds and short attention spans.

streda 4. mája 2011

Эдуард Хиль (Eduard "Trololo" Khil) - Trololo Song

Great and also funny vocalised version of the song, "I Am Glad I'm Finally Going Home by Eduard Khil from 1976.