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utorok 27. novembra 2012

The Jazzifiers - Black Hole Sun

The Jazzifiers are romanian duo Daniel Zamfir & Marius Pop. Song is cover of Soundgarden .

štvrtok 22. novembra 2012

Rhye - The Fall

Inspired by love and new beginnings....
The lyrics-- "Make love to me/ One more time/ Before you go away"-- and bedroom-music nature of the track could provoke comparisons to The XX, but Rhye’s music is not particularly spare or somber. "The Fall" possesses full-blooded heat, evoking what would happen if Sade met a caffeinated Air, a sublime voice floating easily on a ballast of clever instrumental touches.
Rhye sound brings together elements of their modern cultural aesthetics mixed with an homage to classic sensibilities; lush strings and melodies intertwined with simple electronic production and soft and sultry vocals - a marriage between refined decadence and modern elegance.

pondelok 19. novembra 2012

Valerie June - Workin' Woman Blues

Valerie’s first single entitled Workin’ Woman Blues from her debut album Pushin’ Against a Stone accompanied by Amoeba featuring Barabás Lőrinc.

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piatok 9. novembra 2012

Meridian Brothers - Guaracha U.F.O.

Great and deeply psychodelic song by Bogotas band Meridian Brothers. Music is a blend of Latin rhythms and psychedelic grooves created by Eblis Álvarez, one of the key figures of the experimental music scene in Bogota. Every instrument on his new album ‘Deseperanza’ was played and recorded by Eblis himself.