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utorok 10. decembra 2013

Acid Arab - Berberian Wedding

This is the vid of the first excerpt from the Acid Arab album, written and produced by the Acid Arab duo itself. Directed by Halima Ouardiri & Louise Hémon. Starring Abdellah, Latifa, Mina, Khadija, Mohammed, Hassan, Sanaa, Fatim’Zohra, Oumeima, M’hend, Asmaa, Fadna, Maryam, Ikram, Naïma, Siham, Yassin, Imad, Adam, Taïeb, Jawad.

More info & buy the LP :

utorok 19. novembra 2013

Sons Of Kemet - Inner Babylon

The new album 'Burn' by Sons Of Kemet a super-group of sorts led by clarinetist, saxophonist and composer Shabaka Hutchings with Oren Marshall on tuba and both Tom Skinner and Seb Rochford on drums, Sons Of Kemet offer a unique take on jazz, Caribbean folk music and African Diasporan history. Video directed by Czlowiek Kamera

more info:

štvrtok 14. novembra 2013

Snarky Puppy (featuring Magda Giannikou) - Amour T'es La

Brooklyn based band Snarky Puppy featuring Magda Giannikou of Banda Magda
from their live DVD/CD - "Family Dinner - Volume One". The track has a Brazilian feel with French vocals sung by a Greek. I hate to use the term but surely this fusion at it’s really great!

more info: /

utorok 12. novembra 2013

Débruit & Alsarah - Jibal Alnuba

The new video from Débruit & Alsarah. Taken from their album 'aljawal الجوال' out on Soundway Records. Video directed by The Rainbowmonkey. Its unique sound: a modern, haunting take on Sudanese music heard through the sonic lens of French artist / producer, Débruit and the poetic, ethereal lyrics and melodies of Sudanese-born singer Alsarah.

more info:

štvrtok 7. novembra 2013

Kutiman is Back - Thru Tokyo

Musician and video artist Kutiman remixes the sights, sounds and music of Tokyo into one incredible piece.

For more from Kutiman:

streda 30. októbra 2013

Todd Terje - Strandbar (Disko Version)

This is the unofficial video by Thriftshop XL. Based around a classic piano house riff, it's the sound of pure summery hands in the air fun. There's three versions here: a self explanatory samba version (percussion heavy), a very electro-house 'disko' version and a bonus DJ tool version (which oddly omits the piano riff). It may be a little too jolly for some, but who wants them at the party anyway?

utorok 17. septembra 2013

Free the Robots - Innervision (Film Edit)

Little bit experimental but really inetersting music. Taken from album The Balance issued on Elsewhere Studios this year.

"Listening to Free the robots is like walking through the city with blindfolded eyes. A sound so powerful it bangs against my mental images.. echoes graciously booming through the darkness. I let go of space and time until the next track kicks in. Free the Robots is more than a musical one-night-stand. It's constructed like a journey through time..."
                                                -Be Street (Paris)

utorok 6. augusta 2013

Myron & E - If I Gave You My Love

"These guys are single single handedly bringing back Soul music!" as said thejazzydemon. Song from album Broadway. Music video shot and directed by Eric Coleman (Mochilla).

sobota 3. augusta 2013

Osunlade - Dionne

Smal tasting sample from Osunlade 7"  Dionne / What Gets You High. Release expected on 14 Sep 13 by Yoruba Records. Osunlade pulls and draws from the lovely days of old, paying homage house music as it once was, when vocal edits were the vibe and pulse of an emerging sound. With traditional bata drums, filters that would put u in the mind of classic Nick Holder an just good ole fashioned groove on top of groove.

nedeľa 14. júla 2013

Mafia Corner - Zuzulienka

New swing remix of slovak "Sinatra" Frantisek Kryštof Veselý by Mafia Corner.

utorok 11. júna 2013

Teaser for album Beach Diggin

BEACH DIGGIN Vol.1 is the brand new project by GUTS with his PURA VIDA mate MAMBO for a special summer project : the perfect soundtrack to chill on the beach. What a good program!!! they dig deep in their record collection to select some sunny, surprising, tropical sounds. the compilation will be release on June 23rd.

more info:

štvrtok 23. mája 2013

Calle 13 - Latinoamérica

"Latinoamérica" is a song by Puerto Rican alternative hip hop band Calle 13, from their fourth studio album, Entren Los Que Quieran (2010). It was written and produced by Rafael Arcaute and Calle 13, and features additional vocals from other Latinoamerican recording artists; Peruvian Susana Baca, Colombian Totó la Momposina and Brazilian Maria Rita. The song is important in that it touches on many underlying historical, social, and political themes present throughout Latin America

more info:

pondelok 22. apríla 2013

Charles Bradley - Strictly Reserved for You

Another new soul monstertrack by Charles Bradley from his new album, Victim of Love. Soul singer Charles Bradley has a lot of feelings, and it's not hard to see why: he's lived on the street and spent most of his 64 years as a James Brown impersonator, all while dreaming of recording his own music. His songs teem with the incredible anguish of his life, and his gratitude for its turnaround. Enjoy his full voice and amazing big band. Director of video is Homer Steinweiss. 

more info:

pondelok 8. apríla 2013

Diego Stocco - Music from Nature and Duet for Leaves & Turntable

By his own words: To celebrate Earth Day 2012 Burt's Bees asked me to create a video performance in the style of my Music from a Tree. To expand the concept I also included as "instruments" some of the ingredients used in their products, like honey, almonds, rice, and coconuts; also bees had a musical role in this piece. I performed the whole composition by playing these natural elements, no synthesizers, samplers or additional sounds have been used.

and for second video: Recently I bought a turntable to use it for an experiment, but that didn't turn out as I was expecting. Then, I noticed the equally spaced ridges on the plate and got an idea for something else.
For about an hour I recorded short musical phrases by rubbing leaves against the turntable (the type of leaf, angle, pressure and fold determined the sound), then I combined the different takes together. Every element comes from those recordings, including the bass, kick and snare sounds (shaped with EQ, compression and resonators)

Diego Stocco - Music from Nature from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

Diego Stocco - Duet for Leaves & Turntable from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

more info:

štvrtok 4. apríla 2013

Portico Quartet - Ruins

Track taken from Portico Quartet's third, self-titled album. It was filmed in Walthamstow warehouse in London.

Portico Quartet - Ruins from York Tillyer on Vimeo.

more info:

utorok 2. apríla 2013

Trance Guitarist

I dont know his name not even name of song. In fact I dont know nothing about this post, but it sounds quite good and thats important.

Errata: His name is Ewan Dobson a name of songs is Free Kashmir.

More info:

streda 27. marca 2013

Sound of Noise - Music for One Apartment and Six Drummer

Six drummers participate in a well planned musical attack in the suburbs. As an elderly couple leave their apartment the drummers take over. On everyday objects they give a concert in four movements: Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and Livingroom.

Cast: Magnus Börjeson, Johannes Björk, Marcus Haraldson, Sanna Persson, Anders Vestergård, Fredrik Myhr Photo: Johannes Stjärne Nilsson/Charlotta Tengroth/Robert Blom Sound: Håkon Garpestad Costume: Kajsa Tosting Art direction: Madeleine Stjärne/Cecilia Sterner Written, directed and edited by Johannes Stjärne Nilsson and Ola Simonsson

more info:

nedeľa 24. marca 2013

Brandt Brauer Frick feat. Om'Mas Keith - Plastic Like Your Mother

This is the first single from Brandt Brauer Frick's new album Miami. Original music and original video directed by Daniel Brandt & Julian Schleef and choreography by Kiani Del Valle. Enjoy it.

piatok 22. marca 2013

Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire

Little bit weird video but great music, and amazing voice of Jillian Hervey. Directed by Lucas McGowen and written by Jillian Hervey + Lucas Goodman (aka Astro Raw).

piatok 1. marca 2013

Atoms For Peace - Ingenue

After Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower” video, the world obviously needed more of Thom Yorke’s freakily rubber-limbed dancing. And now we’ve got some of it in director Garth Jennings‘s new video for “Ingenue,” a song fromAmok, the debut album of Yorke’s new band Atoms For Peace. In the clip, Yorke and contemporary dancerFukiko Takase, in identical old-timey suits and ponytails, get down in an empty theater.

piatok 15. februára 2013

Woodkid - Iron

A said Joey Paris: "The song, the video, everything about it is pure genius" or as metalists used to say : "Its monument". Director : Yoann Lemoine

Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away,
where innocence is burned... in flames.
A million mile from home, I'm walking ahead.
I'm frozen to the bones, I am. ...

WOODKID "IRON" from LABEL G.U.M on Vimeo.

utorok 12. februára 2013

Sweet Brown - Ain't Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix)

Do you remember video by Dj Powa - "Nobody Canna Cross It" also called Bus can swim? So here is somethnig similar. Also funny, and btw she has incredible old jazz-divas voice:) Enjoy it.

pondelok 4. februára 2013

Alka Yagnik & Ila Arun - Choli Ke Peeche Kya Ha

Song from Khal Nayak, 1993 Bollywood action thriller film produced and directed by Subhash Ghai. Music by composer duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Song "Choli Ke Peeche" became an instant classic for its choreography and notoriety for its suggestive lyrics.

pondelok 28. januára 2013

The Greg Foat Group - Girl and robotwith flowers

Beautiful jazzy song by The Greg Foat Group. This is footage of 'Girl and Robot with Flowers Pt 1' being recorded in Sweden. Album released on Jazzman Records.

more info:

piatok 25. januára 2013

Bonobo - Cirrus

First single off the upcoming new album 'The North Borders' by Bonobo. Album released 01 April.
Video by

more info:

utorok 22. januára 2013

2 funny cover of clasic shits

First one is Europe metal cover of Final Countdown by Norther and second one is Emo-Hardcore Call Me Maybe by Upon This Dawning, originally by  Carly Rae Jepsen
Enjoy theese funny, not so shity like original, songs:)