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pondelok 23. apríla 2012

Sick Sick!! - You're Dancing Only When You're Sad

Amazing song with good dance clip from the movie Riot On Sunset Strip 1967. Music And Lyrics By Sick Sick!! Vocals By Noemi.

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streda 18. apríla 2012

Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hanging On

Vanilla Fudge's 1967 psychedelic/hard rock version of song originally recorded by The Supremes for the Motown label in 1966. Very famous is also version by British singer Kim Wilde from 1986. This is from The Ray And Hony Show (1968).

nedeľa 15. apríla 2012

Sigur Rós - Ekki múkk

This is first track from the new album Valtari. Ekki Múkk loosely translates into english as ‘Not Seagull’. Video by Jónsi's sister, Inga Birgisdóttir.

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